LiFi is the first ever new WiFi now BY Philips lighting

Philips led lifi

LiFi i.e. Light Fidelity is unveiled by Philips Lighting is the first ever of its type. This System will allow the use of PPhilips LED (Light Emitting Diode bulb to transfer data, LED bulbs will modulate light for Optical data transmission. This LiFi technology actually was still present before this but it is the first time that LiFi is Commercially availed.

LiFi is expected to go mainstream very soon. Speaking about LiFi, it is a two-way, high-speed wireless technology similar to WiFi but uses light waves instead of radio waves to transmit data. The company says that its office luminaires are now enabled with LiFi technology provide a broadband connection with a speed of 30 Mbps without compromising lighting quality. 30 Mbps may not sound like a lot, but it will surely get the job done for the most part.

Philips led lifi

The moves comes after the Philips has acquired Frencg LiFi Company Luciom which introduced LiFi technology by embedding lighting equipment with broadband internet.

“LiFi has the potential to be a real game-changer in offices. As the leader in our market, we wanted to explore the possibilities of this technology for existing and future clients. We plan to showcase the technology in our smart office in La Defense, so aside from stable connectivity, light quality is crucial to us,” said Emmanuelle Baboulin, Head of the Commercial Property Investment Division at Icade.

“LiFi has enormous potential for today’s digital age, and as the world’s leading lighting company we are proud to pioneer new and innovative services for our customers,” said Olivia Qiu, Chief Innovation Officer, Philips Lighting.

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“While radio frequencies are becoming congested, the visible light spectrum is an untapped resource with a large bandwidth suitable for the stable simultaneous connection of a vast array of the Internet of Things devices. Being a lighting company, we ensure that our customers benefit from the finest quality energy efficient light along with state-of-the-art connectivity,” she added.

This is a good news for all of us having been introduced with something new and amazing that is gonna change our tech life making it much faster and more accessible. SHARE this post if you like it.

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