Google maps new begins two-wheeler mode on Maps in Indian

Google maps new

To help bikers find the most suitable route in India, Google maps new on Tuesday (December 5) incorporated navigation routes for two-wheelers with Voice Assistant capabilities in its Maps feature.

Google maps new has been known to add features and design tweaks that are directed toward improving the way people navigate in and around towns, cities and even other planets. The newest addition, however, might be the perfect addition to users who have been wishing for a dedicated two-wheeler mode in Maps.

Google maps new

The new travel mode in Google Maps in India is seen alongside Drive, Train or Bus and Walk alternatives.

“The India-first feature is the new “two-wheeler mode” in Google Maps. India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world, and the millions of motorcycle and scooter riders have different navigation needs than drivers of automobiles,” said Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Next Billion Users Team at Google.

In what seems like an India-first feature, Google has started rolling out a ‘two-wheeler mode’ as a separate mode of transport in Google maps new . The mode depicted by a motorcycle icon is seen between the vehicle and train icons which were previously seen alongside each other.

According to a report by Android Police, the feature has been expected to feature for a while now after several APK teardowns revealed the presence of a ‘START_SCREEN_TWO_WHEELER_OPT_IN_DETAILS’ coded inside the installation file.

At the time of writing this report, we have noticed that the rollout of the update is gradual and may not show up on all devices, even if the devices are running the same version (v9.67.1) of Google maps new . The rollout also seems to be restricted to Android devices only for the time being.

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As revealed by in the screenshots, the estimated time of arrival which is computed by Google through its servers is considerably lower when the ‘two-wheeler’ option is selected. This is so because of two-wheelers being able to take narrowers roads which might not accessible by four-wheelers.

Everything else including the steps breakdown and the navigation itself is unchanged. The rollout has been reported in India only so far but might branch out to other parts of the world soon.

Google  updated Maps in mid-November with a number of key additions and design tweaks. As part of the update, Google Maps shows new updates happening around a user including the closing of a road, opening and closing time of a business and local events.

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