Best SSD deals in August 2017

Best SSD

Best SSD deals: All the best offers and discounts on solid-state drives available right now.

Once you go solid-state, you never go back: solid-state drives (SSDs) considerably boost the speed of your PC. Here you’ll find the best  SSD deals so you can give your PC a new lease of life, for the fewest pounds.


 Best SSD deals – What is an SSD?

A solid-state drive is like a hard drive but with no moving parts and with the capacity to read and write data exceptionally quickly in comparison to older mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs). We highly recommend SSDs from Samsung, Corsair, and Crucial.

HDDs have what is known as an actuator arm that moves across a spinning magnetic platter to read and write data. SSDs, on the other hand, use much faster NAND flash memory.

All you need to know is it’s seriously fast and you’ll feel the benefit of an SSD every day after you fire up your computer.

Until now, SSDs have been much more expensive than their mechanical counterparts, but the gap is quickly narrowing. SSDs aren’t commonly found at more than 2TB as they can get prohibitively expensive, so you’ll find higher capacities are generally covered by HDDs.

If you do require a system with storage above 2TB, we recommend having a smaller-capacity SSD on which you can install your operating system (OS) and most-used programs, complemented by a beefier HDD. That way you can feel the most benefit day-to-day, and you can store all your photos, films, and games on an HDD.

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An M.2 SSD is the next level up from your standard SSD, but they come with an even bigger price premium.

M.2s are even thinner and smaller – dubbed a Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) – and can take advantage of the extra bandwidth of PCI-Express specs rather than the previous SATA 3.0 standard holding back the best SSDs.


Best SSD deal

Kick off your SSD search with our best pounds-per-gigabyte deal on the Crucial MX300 1TB.

 Crucial MX300 1TB 
Best SSD

Crucial is a great budget brand to keep an eye on if you’re looking to build a quality PC on the cheap. At 0.23 pounds-per-gigabyte, this a great deal on a big chunk of storage.

Best cheap SSD deals

Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 

500GB is a solid sweet spot if you’re in the market for an SSD upgrade, and you can get a good price on Samsung’s effort at Amazon with 0.27 pounds-per-gigabyte.

We loved the 250GB version in our review of the Samsung 850 EVO: “it makes for an SSD that’s one of the best mid-range drives we’ve ever seen.”

Best SSD deals – M.2 SSDs

Samsung 960 EVO 1TB – £409.97 down from £475.84 at Amazon

At 0.39 gigabytes-per-pound, you’ll struggle to find many better deals than this on a M.2 SSD.


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