Best free keyword research tool: Semrush vs Long Tail Pro vs Google Keyword Planner

Best free keyword research tool

The basic foundation of SEO is keyword research. Keywords are one of the most critical and important parts of SEO.

Wondering which is the Best free keyword research tool to reduce the time spent on research and provide maximum results with useful insights?

There is a common question every marketer’s faces – Should they opt for long tail keywords or short tail keywords? No matter the type of website, size or industry of the business, the choice of keywords is always critical. Choosing keywords can be confusing, with the problem starting from the choice of the type of keyword. Both short tail and long tail keywords come with their share of pros and cons. Different types of keywords require different marketing strategies, so the first step in any marketing strategy is the keyword choice.

keyword research

The keywords you choose to focus on for your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are critical to the success of your website’s rank.

Choosing the right keywords isn’t always easy or intuitive and you need a lot of data to know whether a given keyword will work for you.

If you are completely new to keyword research tools and the process of Best free keyword research tool, here are some guides from the past which will help you understand the basics.

Fortunately, there are many keyword research tools available that can help you figure out which keywords work the best for your overall web strategy.

It’s a basic fact that to increase your sales and income online, you need to bring more visitors from search engines to your sites. Search traffic is not only free but it’s one of the highest quality traffic sources that send you massive “target audience” to your sites if done right.

But the problem is most bloggers don’t know how to find the right keywords to increase their traffic. And even when you find few keyword research tools such as Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro, SEMrush, Hit Tail, Moz etc, you will again get confused which one to use because you can’t spend hundreds of dollars on buying every SEO tool.

That’s the reason why I have decided to make a detailed comparison post of SEMRush vs Long Tail Pro vs Keyword Planner. Over the last couple of years, I have used almost every SEO tool so I know better about the tools I am going to cover.

So to recap I will be putting SEMrush vs Long Tail Pro vs Keyword Planner to the test. Each keyword research tool as its area of specialty.

If you are confused about choosing SEMrush vs Long Tail Pro vs Keyword Planner, your search ends here. By the end of this post, you will find out which tool is perfect for your blogging needs.

Firstly, let us start with the basic question – why should you use premium keyword research tools when there are free tools like Keyword Planner, etc?

Let me give you a simple explanation on this. Then, we’ll talk about the comparison of SEMrush Vs Long Tail Pro.

Here are 3 reasons to pick paid keyword research tools to come up with better keyword ideas.

  • Finding profitable keywords becomes easy with paid tools like SEMrush, Long Tail Pro. They give you more reliable data when compared to free keyword research tools such as Keyword Planner by Google.
  • Doing keyword research is fast and simple with paid keyword research tools. They give lots of keyword ideas literally within seconds which doesn’t happen with the free keyword research tools.
  • You can also do competitor analysis with SEMrush, Long Tail Pro tools. That means you can easily find out all the keywords that are driving more traffic to your competitors and you can try using them on your blog to increase your search traffic too!

Most people struggle to increase their search traffic because they don’t know how to get started with search engine optimization. Your SEO strategy should begin with one thing: “keyword research”.

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So with further ado let see my findings looking at SEMrush vs Long Tail Pro vs Keyword Planner.

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1. SEMrush

SEMrush is basically a top notch search engine marketing tool proven to work. This tool has several databases depending on the countries you target. They updated the data on these databases too often (like every day or every other day) to give you accurate information about your competitors or the keywords you are looking for.

I tried using many tools in the process (including Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and a few more). While all of them worked well, I liked SEMrush the best because of its great features and how it allowed me to get all of my SEO work done in one place.

If you want to find and overtake your competitors in search results, SEMrush is the PERFECT tool for you. With SEMrush, you will get in-depth information about various keyword phrases such as CPC distribution, search traffic share to URLs and keyword difficulty.

Features Of SEMrush:

  • See competitor’s best keywords.
  • Discover new organic competitors.
  • Explore multinational and multilingual environments.
  • See domain’s common and unique keywords.
  • Set side-by-side domain’s comparisons.
  • Find keywords with less competition.
  • Gather all the SEMrush data in one elegant custom PDF report.
  • Track any domain or keyword from any location.
  • Discover local competitors.
  • Check your site’s health with our SEO analysis tool.
  • Prioritize SEO issues and decide what to fix first.
  • Keep track of your Social Media campaigns.
  • Monitor Your Brand Reputation.
  • Track Backlinks.
  • Analyze Google ranking factors affecting your website’s performance.
  • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns.
  • Conduct a deep link analysis.
  • Uncover Your Competitor’s Ad Strategies and Budget.
  • Free training sessions.


Based on the plans: $99, $199, $399(per month) and $999, $1999, $3999(annually).

Semrush Pricing


  • Everything is laid out in a visually appealing and easy to understand manner.
  • You can keep an eye on your website performance from backlinks, brand mentions, organic and PPC traffic.
  • Allows you to make better strategic moves base on data-driven data.
  • SEMrush provides a feature that gives you a heads up on which page you should optimize first with actionable recommendations.
  • Offers all-round solution to help grow your websites.


  • The vast amount of information can be slightly overwhelming, but we time you will slowly explore different sections of the software.


Bloggers and business owners who want to keep track of their website performance and gain actionable insights enabling you to grow your traffic. Semrush is an essential tool which I have been paying for months and as paid for itself ten folds. In other words, if you just want a solution where you can jump in, find high traffic keywords with low competition, plugin in your competitors URL and be done with it in a matter of minutes, SEMrush is the alternative for you.

2. Long Tail Pro

Tired of using Google’s Keyword Planner? I know, keyword planner gives you nothing but the same keywords everyone else is using. So even if you find low competitive keywords, you will still have to compete with thousands of other bloggers who are using the same free keyword research tool.

If you are finding a better alternative to it, Long Tail Pro should be your choice. It is one of the Best keyword research tools out there that help you find really profitable keywords that are less competitive. Meaning, it’s much easier to rank by using those keywords.

Long Tail Pro is a desktop keyword research tool which runs on Adobe Air (works on Windows & Mac).

The interface of Long Tail Pro offers a step-by-step system that allows users to discover keyword suggestions easily. This tool is trusted by industry leaders and is recommended as a must-have tool for every marketer. There are various plans that you can choose from depending on your need and number of keyword searches required every month.

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One great thing about Long Tail Pro is that you don’t have to be an SEO master to use this tool. The user interface is simple and straightforward. You will get used to it very quickly.

Features Of Long Tail Pro:

This SEO tool is more than just a keyword research tool, as it’s packed with tons of features. Here are a few of those features which will make you want to try it right away:

  • Create multiple projects. (You can have different campaigns for different sites. This will help you stay organized.)
  • Generate keywords based on your seed keyword.
  • Export keywords in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Import keywords into Long Tail Pro.
  • Find long-tail high-CPC keywords (great for increasing AdSense revenue).
  • Find available domain names. (If you are creating a micro-niche blog, you can use LongTailPro to suggest available, keyword-rich domain names).
  • Check the Google, Yahoo, and Bing ranking for your keywords.
  • Keyword competition checker.
  • Favorite your best keywords.
  • Analyze top ten search results

Long Tail Pro Pricing:

Based on the plan: $25, $45, $98(per month).

Long Tail Pro Pricing


  • Allows you to find exact match keyword quickly domains
  • Check a keyword phrase competitiveness
  • Export the results for future analyze.


  • Seems outdated when compared to the tools mentioned above.

Preferred user Group:

Perfect for those creating niche sites focus on Adsense optimization.

SEMrush vs Long Tail Pro

SEMrush is one of the best tools to quickly and freely find long tail keywords for a website. Keyword suggestions are generated on basis of frequently searched terms in search engines. Both Long Tail Pro and SEMrush offer keyword suggestions and allow competitor analysis. But the biggest advantage of Long Tail Pro over SEMrush is that it gives a list consisting of more long tail keywords.

Compared to SEMrush, Long Tail Pro further offers the following benefits:

  • Allows the user to search multiple keywords at once.
  • Offers around 800 results for every basic (or seed) keyword entered.
  • Identifies unlimited keyword opportunities.
  • Allows testing viability of niches.
  • Finds domain names automatically.
  • Automatically checks rankings on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Allows creating targeted campaigns.

3. Google Keyword Planner

I’m sure Google Keyword Planner (previously Keyword Tool) and “Keyword research” are not a new term for you.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google Keyword tool is an official product from Google, which gives us a traffic estimation of our target Keywords and also helps in finding more relevant and related Keywords for your niche. Few Important things to know:

  • You need to have a Google Adwords account to use Google Keyword Planner tool. It’s free, and you don’t need to spend any money to use this tool. You can simply create an Adwords tool and start using it.
  • You can also search for existing Google Adwords coupons to create one free account for yourself, and start using Keyword Planner tool.
  • This tool is created to target Adwords advertisers, but it still gives a great deal of information when it comes to finding the right keyword for your blog and articles.

This free AdWords tool helps you search for keyword and ad group ideas, see how a list of keywords might perform, create new key phrases by multiplying several keyword lists together, as well as help you choose competitive bids and budgets that you can use in your campaigns.


Google Keyword Planner has three main features or options that can greatly help in your keyword research efforts.

  • Get search volume estimates for the keyword.
  • Create new keyword variations based on primary keyword.
  • Provides Keywords used for websites – This is useful for you to do competitive analysis.
  • Generate new keywords by combining different keyword lists. Google Keyword Planner has a unique feature that lets you multiply 2 (or more) keyword lists, which results in a list of new, unique keyword combinations.


The Google Keyword Planner tool is completely free of charge and although it is technically an AdWord tool, you do not need to have an AdWord account in order to log in and utilize this keyword research tool, unlike its predecessor, Google’s Keyword Tool. All that you need is a Google account (or your Gmail account credentials) in order to access this free tool. In addition, this also means that you do not need to pay for any AdWord advertising just to start using the Keyword Planner.

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  • Easy to Use: – Researching keywords and crafting suitable SEO and online marketing strategies are no easy tasks. These require careful analysis and understanding of the target market in order to be successful, which is why it is a godsend that Google’s Keyword Planner tool is pretty easy to use. First of all, its sleek and manageable interface is laudable, making it feel like a one-stop shop for campaign creation with the way elements like keyword suggestions, traffic estimations, and the like, all work together to form a cohesive environment.
  • Easily Export Data: – This keyword research tool lets you easily and quickly export data either by downloading the entire keyword list or by selecting keyword phrases individually and exporting the custom list to Excel format. This is an incredibly convenient way of saving keyword lists for further analysis.
  • Unique Multiple Keywords Tool: – One of the more unique features that Google’s Keyword Planner tool offers is its ability to multiply your keyword lists with one another. This could be potentially useful for discovering and testing new keywords for your optimization efforts.
  • Hundreds of Possible Alternatives: – Another thing that users will definitely appreciate about this keyword research tool is the fact that it provides alternatives to the keywords and phrases that were originally entered by the user.
  • Filters: – Because of the fact that pulling a large list of keyword phrases and analyzing them can sometimes be a daunting, not to mention time-consuming, task, the Google Keyword Planner tool allows you to include or exclude words from your project. In addition, this tool also allows you to add filters by location, down to the city, as well as language.


  • Keyword List: – For those who make use of a negative keyword list, this tool doesn’t seem to provide that.
  • Long-Term Keywords: – For most categories, Google Keyword Planner does not suggest long-term keywords.

Customer Support:

If you run into any problems of any sort with the Google Keyword Planner tool, you’ll be glad to know that Google offers free support via phone.

Long Tail Pro vs Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword tool has been of the oldest and most popular keyword planning tools. But the latest updates have rendered the tool useless for organic keyword search. It’s nearly impossible to use Google Keyword Planner without planning a campaign for Google Adwords and ultimately paying for the ad to truly test the keyword volume.

Here are few more benefits of Long Tail Pro over Google Keyword Planner:

  • Google Keyword Planner does not give keyword difficulty metrics and how difficult will it be to rank a keyword. It only suggests competition for the keyword as low, medium and high within the Adwords bidding network.
  • Long Tail Pro pulls data from Google AdWords and combines it with results from Majestic and Moz. Thus, you get keyword suggestions with a number of metrics like rank value, search volume, total words, suggested bid in AdWords and more.

Limitations of Google Adwords Keyword Planner:

  • Hides long tail keywords data as the tool is made for Adwords and not for SEO purposes.
  • Keywords generated by the device may not produce good results as the tool is targeted towards advertisers and not SEO.
  • The search volume displayed received a change in 2016, Google started limiting the output options to advertisers (or accounts) with lower or no monthly spending.





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