Welcome to Techoup. At Techoup we Promise you a thorough update on Technology. We love Technology, So driving our Passion to our Users makes us Feel good and that is the specialty of Techoup.

We are Four: So 4× Quality we Provide.

Vishal Verma: He is Basically the Google of Techoup and our Reserve Bank too, From how to do things to How to manage dips and ups, He Provide us the Motivation and Motivates to not to lose hope anytime anywhere.

Shubham Tiwari: In short, He is the CPU of Techoup.The founder of Techoup and the Idea behind Techoup resides before him. He is a Crazy Part of Techoup too Like he can work 24 hours Sleepless and can Provide a bulk of Quality Content. He is our “BIG data”

Manju Gurung: The Girlish part Behind Techoup. She is a Tech lover and Proved to be a Good Techy and a Good Blogger. At Techoup she Provides quality Content. She is Basically a Good Resource of Tech to Techoup.

Ashish Gupta: Psychic Part of Techoup.Learning Technology with Techoup and Learning a Team Management and Administrative Procedure for the Lessons to Live a Happy Life.

In the End, Techoup is not all About Technology.It is a Family, a drama, a comedy, a sadness, and Everything which a Person needs to Learn in a Life.

Thank you for being a Part of Techoup.